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Information to share on the East-West Center 2017 New Generation Seminar

We received an information from the East-West Center about the New Generation Seminar. The theme of this seminar is 'People-centered Governance for Inclusive and Sustainable Communities' and focused to the young leaders aged 25-40, from Asia Pacific and the United States. 

We would like to mention that Nidhi Parekh, former BCIO Head Office Member, had recently participated in another program organized by East-West Center. She mentioned that the program was very much effective and fruitful. 

Interested applicants are requested to apply for the New Generation Seminar. If you are applying, then please mention that you are a participant of APCC. 

Theme: People-Centered Governance for Inclusive and Sustainable Communities

Program Dates: September 23- October 1, 2017

Destinations: Honolulu, Hawaii

Application deadline: Tuesday, July 25, 2017

For detail information, please check this website: