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BCIO New Policies


BRIDGE CLUB is preparing for its 20th anniversary in 2018. The anniversary will be a good opportunity to establish some new guidelines and initiatives, and boost the growth of the organization. After thorough discussions with Peace Ambassadors, APCC Coordinators, and APCC Directors, as well as getting input from former Head Office Members, the BCIO Management has made the decision to implement new policies as follows:

1. BRIDGE CLUB Presidential Term and Inauguration
All BRIDGE CLUB Presidents will be inaugurated by BCIO and the official Presidential term for all BRIDGE CLUBs is set at 2 years; Presidential terms will commence after an inauguration at The BRIDGE CLUB Presidents Meeting and will last until the inauguration of the new Presidents at the next BRIDGE CLUB Presidents Meeting.

2. BRIDGE CLUB Coordinators
BCIO is inviting experienced BC members to work with the BCIO Management as BRIDGE CLUB Coordinators. These individuals are responsible to help BCIO management and maintaining information and communication flows between BCIO management and BC. To be eligible for the position applicant must have been a Former Head Office Member or a Former/Current BC President.

3. BCIO Internship Program
BCIO Internship Program is a program of the BRIDGE CLUB Professional Network. All BRIDGE CLUBs will support this program by recruiting intern and employer candidates within their BC. The BCIO will manage the matching system between the intern and employer candidates.

The implementation guidelines for these new policies are below. We hope these changes will bring significant improvements to the organization. Let us take further step and achieve our goal, TOGETHER.