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BRIDGE CLUB Coordinator selection result

In October 2017, BCIO asked for application for the BRIDGE CLUB Coordinator positions. We originally advertised 5 seats for BC Coordinators, but after going through a series of discussion to modify BC workgroups, we believe 3 BC Coordinators were enough to fulfill its role. We apologize for this change and trust you will understand our decision. 

We received many impressive applications and appreciate each one of them. 

The following 3 BC members have been selected as a BC Coordinators. 

1. Tsu Yamin , BC Myanmar (JA 2006, PA 2012, BCIO HOM 2013)

2. Wong Tin Nam Tina , BC Hong Kong (JA 2007, PA 2015)

3. Thongmala Keola , BC Laos (JA 2000, PA 2008) 

The official term length for BC Coordinators is 2~3 years; their inauguration will be held at the BC Presidents Meeting and their term will end at the following BC Presidents Meeting. Therefore, the official term for the newly selected BC Coordinators will begin in July 2018 at the 3rd BC Presidents Meeting. 

The BC Coordinator is a new position title in the BCIO, but it will replace the current BC Mentor position and serve in the same role by working with the BCIO management, advising individual BC, and maintaining strong communication channels between the BCIO management and all BCs. 

We hope that all BC members will cooperate with the new BC Coordinators and support them in their roles.