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BCIO Organizational Structure

Effective from July 2018

BCIO organizational structure 2018.jpg

1. Board of Directors:-  

The members are APCC Senior Executive Director, BCIO Senior Advisors – Mr. Hitoshi Iwamoto & Mr. Shigeyasu Masuda and APCC Secretary General.

★ Set the direction of BCIO with BCIO management team

★ Reserves right to approve or reject policies and programs proposed by General Manager

★ Oversee and supervise General Manager and the Management


2. General Manager: - Mr. Arief Adinoto (JA 1989, BC Indonesia)

★ Must have the vision and set the direction of the BCIO with the Board of Directors

★ Develop required policies and programs to grow and develop BCIO. *Any policy and program must have been approved by the Board of Directors before implementation.]

★ Oversee the programs, and supervise the Assistant Managers

★ Represent BCIO in public and to external parties. *Must get approval from Board of Directors before approaching any organization.


3. Secretariat: - (APCC Coordinator)

★ Work at APCC Office in Fukuoka

★ Central Responsibility of information and communication

★ Manage BCIO database

★ Manage APCC/BCIO e-newsletter (One World Newsletter)

★ Promote the utilization of Doors+ to members

★ Be the BRIDGE between BCIO and APCC Secretariat in operational level


4. Assistant Managers:-

(a) BC development department: -   Ms. Erin Maitland (JA 1990, BC Australia)

★ Monitor BRIDGE CLUBs (BCs) activities

★ Create or initiate project/event for BC

★ Compose/prepare materials for information, announcement, sponsorship proposal

★ Manage PR activity for BCIO programs

★ Supervise the Work Group Coordinators

★ Supervise the Head Office Members and support in developing PA program

(b) Member empowerment department: - Ms. Nidhi Parekh (JA 1998, BC India) 

★ Lead BRIDGE CLUB Professional Network (BCPN)

★ Maintain BCPN communication and activity, raise more BCPN members

★ Manage the  Internship Program

★ Create or initiate BCPN member empowerment project/event.

★ Supervise the Work Group Coordinators

★ Supervise the Head Office Members and support in developing PA program


5. Head Office (HO) Members:-

 ★Help APCC Secretariat in organizing annual PA program held in Fukuoka

★ Represents the managers giving presentation, discussion, and evaluation to the PA in the PA Camp

★ Lead the PA to stay active since the PA Camp and after on.


6. Work Group (WG) Coordinators: - Ms. Tsu Yamin( JA 2006, BC Myanmar) ; Ms. Wong Tin Nam Tina (JA 2007, BC Hong Kong) and Ms. Thongmala Sayavong (JA 2000, BC Laos).

★ Maintain communication flow between BCIO and BRIDGE CLUBs

★ Motivate and encourage BRIDGE CLUBs President to accomplish their tasks and responsibility

★ Solve BRIDGE CLUBs problems (if possible), and give inputs to BCIO Management