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The BCPN Work Experience Program is designed to offer opportunities to BC members to gain work experience within the APCC Professional Network. This program aims to nurture the OMOIYARI Spirit worldwide and strengthen the network of global citizens.

The main purposes of the program are:

1. To keep professional BC members connected to BCIO

2. To encourage professional BC members to contribute to the BC network by providing opportunities to other BC members who are joining the professional workforce after college or university.

3. To keep young BC members active in their BCs, by providing them with an attractive reason to stay as a member.

Rules for the Work Experience Program:

1. Both the applicant and the host must be BC members.

2. Professional BC members can host BC members from their own country or BC members from other countries.

3. The employer does not have to pay salary to the guest, but they have to provide/arrange accomodation during their stay (home stay or other accommodation).

4. The duration of the Program is flexible, from 2 days up to the maximum length of the visa granted.

5. The applicant must have completed or be enrolled in higher education (university/college).

6. All the hosts and the applicants must register with the BCPN, by completing the registration form here.

7. Both the hosts and the applicants are required to report the experience to BCPN Management after the program finishes.

To-do Guideline

1. BC Executives are responsible to recruit suitable applicants and hosts from their BC members.

2. Applicants fill in the Application Form.

3. Hosts fill in the Hosting Form.

4. BC Executives send the applications (applicants and hosts) to BCPN Management.

5. BCPN Management will pair the applications and announce the results.

6. The pairing will we finalized in October and April. The Program can commence any time after the pairing.

 Thank you for your cooperation and support.

For any inquiries, please contact us at:, or through your BC Work group Coordinator.