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Proposal to Host 4th BRIDGE CLUB Presidents Meeting (BCPM) in 2020


This is a meeting of all BRIDGE CLUBs Presidents where they will gather together and prepare a strategy for the growth of BCs and strengthen the BC network.

The 1st BRIDGE CLUB Presidents Meeting was held in Fukuoka in 2013 while 2nd BCPM in Bali, Indonesia in 2015 and 3rd BCPM in Fukuoka, Japan in 2018. The BC Presidents Meeting will be held every 2 years alternating between Japan and the other countries. The 4th BRIDGE CLUB Presidents Meeting will be held in 2020.

Objectives of BRIDGE CLUB Presidents Meeting:

To support BCIO infrastructure, strengthening positive cooperation among BCs in order to use BC Global network as well as nurturing leadership & management skill of BC members to foster Global BRIDGE Leaders.

To decide the 4th BRIDGE CLUB Presidents Meeting host country, we will be accepting written proposal from your BRIDGE CLUB which should address the following.

  1. Accommodation & Space: Could you arrange hotel/host families/hostel (government or private) and conference/meeting room space?
  2. Funding: If the APCC is not able to fully fund this meeting, would the host country be able to financially support this event? If so, please explain how.

(Basically each participant will cover his/her own air-fare so hosting country doesn’t have to cover it.)

  1. Transportation: Could you manage local transportation, airline arrivals & departures?
  2. Meeting activities: Discuss what types of meetings will be held over the 2-day Presidents Meeting. A keynote speaker and/or special performance may be included.
  3. Cultural Experiences: Discuss possible sightseeing, school visits, cultural workshops etc.
  4. Visa matters: Could you manage visa support documents to the participants, who need visa to enter your country?

Please also answer the following questions:

①     Why do you want your country to be the 4th BRIDGE CLUB Presidents Meeting host?

②     What difficulties are there in hosting this meeting in your country?

③     How the Liaison Office in your country will support this meeting?

④     How the Tourism and Convention Bureau in your country will support this meeting?

Please send your proposal to BCIO Head Office ( email at by April 30.