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BRIDGE CLUB Professional Network (BCPN) Conference

BCPN is a BCIO subsidiary groups special for professional BC members (former JAs that have graduated from college/university). It was established during the 2nd BC Presidents Meeting in Bali, Indonesia in October, 2015. Many members have since joined the Network, and some programs have been introduced. To boost activities, and more importantly to strengthen the bond between members, a BCPN Conference is set to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Dates: 6 – 9 October 2019

Place: Jakarta, Indonesia

Main Event:

 1. Introduction Forum (InFo)

During the Introduction Forum (InFo), all participants are given the chance to introduce themselves as well as their jobs, businesses, and the opportunities they are offering and/or seeking.

2. Work Experience Fair (WEFair)

The Work Experience Fair (WEFair) offers a chance for BCPN members who are interested in internships to have a direct discussion and interview with the companies they’re applying to.

3. Collaboration and Cooperation (C&C) Corners

The C&C Corners is a chance for participants to mingle and discuss potential collaborations with others in interest groups. It could be business collaboration, expertise sharing, or as simple as a plan for visiting and group travel.

4. Ideas & Initiatives (I&I) Pool

The I&I Pool is an open discussion session where participants can throw idea or propose initiative to contribute to the development of BCPN and BCIO.

Who are invited?

University students and graduates affiliated with a BC and APCC Volunteers.

Accommodation and Expenses

The participant will have to cover their travel expenses, travel insurance, and registration fee $150.

Facilities for the participant:

Indonesia is visa free for 169 countries

Accommodation in a beach-side resort

One day trip to an island with a private yacht.

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              Click for a video invitation from Arief Adinoto, BCIO General Manager

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**Registration will be closed by August 31, 2019.

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