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Selection Result of BCIO Head Office Member 2020

We are happy to announce the selection result of 2020 BCIO Head Office member.

We have received so many impressive applications from the BC members and it was really very difficult for us to select 2020 Head Office members. The selection is based on the points scored by each applicant along with criteria set by selection committee.

We would like to express our warm gratitude for those who sent us the application.

This time we have selected 2 former PAs as BCIO Head Office members.

Here are their names:

* Mr. Muhammad Moiz Ashraf Qazi , BC Pakistan

* Ms. Garima Khakurel, BC Nepal

BCIO HOM.jpgAll the applicants showed us many concrete ideas to improve the BCIO management.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for showing us your strong interest in BC activities, BCIO management and sharing your ideas with us. For those who couldn't get the chance this time, please do not get disappointed. We hope that you will support the selected HOM and contribute to this year’s ideas.

BCIO would like to keep in touch with all of you to construct a strong BCIO management.

We are the BRIDGE.