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Virtual PA Program Application Guideline

Seeing the current situation of COVID-19 and considering the safety of all participants, APCC has decided to organize BRIDGE Summer Camp program in 2021 via ONLINE. In conjunction with it, PA program this year will be held ONLINE.

If you are eligible and interested to join this year’s program then please check application guideline of Virtual PA Program and apply by FEBRUARY 28.

We will welcome applications from active BC members who have the passion: -

1. To expand the BC network and strengthen the bond of friendship with an OMOIYARI spirit.

2. To develop their own leadership skills and qualities as Global BRIDGE Leader

3. To support in the operation of Virtual BRIDGE Summer Camp.

Please note that 2020 PAs are also invited to apply for this year’s Virtual PA Program in addition to the new applicant. BCIO will select maximum 2 PAs from each BCs, if are eligible.

More detail on Virtual PA Program Application Guideline: -