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Selection Result of BCIO Head Office Member 2021

We are pleased to announce the selection result of 2021 BCIO Head Office Member. 

This year we have selected two new BCIO Head Office members and also reappointed the 2020 BCIO HOM. So, the FOUR BCIO Head Office members will be working together for the Virtual PA Program to be held as a part of BRIDGE Virtual Summer Camp in 2021.

 * Mr. Ameya Rajesh Chandak, BC India (JA 2007 and PA 2019)

* Ms. Fatima Tuz Zehra, BC Pakistan (JA 2008 and PA 2017)

* Mr. Muhammad Moiz Ashraf Qazi , BC Pakistan (JA 2008, PA 2016, BCIO HOM 2020)

* Ms. Garima Khakurel, BC Nepal (JA 2008, PA 2016, BCIO HOM 2020)

We are very pleased to working with you for this year's program.