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Request for a Help to Volcanic eruption & Tsunami victims in Tonga

We are very concerned about the massive volcanic eruption and tsunami which hit Tonga on January 15, 2022. We know you will also be worried about this news as we have many friends living there.

This volcanic eruption and tsunami have caused catastrophic damage to homes and destroyed many communities by covered them in layer of ash. The Tongan government says the country has been hit by an “unprecedented disaster” and announced state of emergency. Communications with Tonga have been severely disrupted and the capital city has been severely damaged, with many buildings near the waterfront completely flattened.

The vision of BCIO itself taught us to have an ‘OMOIYARI’ spirit and now it’s time to get on the action and help each other to overcome from this unfortunate disaster. Let’s use our BC network and start fund raising activities for the Tongan people to overcome the miserable situation.

If you/your BC are able to arrange a fund-raising activity then please do so. We are trying to contact BRIDGE CLUB Tonga and the Liaison office in Tonga. After hearing from them we will inform you of the contact person who will help collect your donations and get them to the areas / people affected.

Thank you in advance for your generous help and we pray for the quick recovery of victims.

We are the BRIDGE !!!


Arief Adinoto

General Manager

BRIDGE CLUB International Organization