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BCPN Stars : Special Program of BCPN

BRIDGE CLUB Professional Network is commencing the BCPN Stars program and we would like to invite the APCC participants to be a part of it.

What is BCPN Stars?

-> BCPN Stars is a group of leaders within the BCPN circle who would initiate and lead a BCPN project collaborating with at least 2 other BCPN members. It is aimed to be a platform for BCPN members to execute their ideas, demonstrate their leadership and organizing skills, and network with each other.

How to become a BCPN Star?

-> Anyone who is a former participant of APCC (JA, Chaperone, APCC Volunteer) can propose a project idea in teams of 3 to the BCPN Management Team. The project can be anything that aligns with the goals of BCPN i.e. to foster collaboration and growth among the BCPN network. The management team will select ideas to execute based on the expected outcome, feasibility and alignment with BCPN values. You will become a BCPN Star and implement your project under the guidance of the BCPN Management Team if your ideas get selected for implementation.

Call to action - BCPN Star applicant can email their project ideas to

Before proposing ideas officially, anyone is welcomed to consult / share ideas directly to BCPN Management Team Member through messenger or any platform comfortably.

BCPN Management Members:

Arief Adinoto:

Nidhi Parekh:

Karuna Shrestha:

Fathimath Shaana:

Garima Khakurel:

M. Moiz A. Qazi:

Ameya Chandak:

Khelga Lesnikova:


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