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BCPN has emerged with a new governance structure effective Term 3, i.e  July 2024 onwards. We are glad to announce the new BCPN Executive Board for this term (July 2024-2026).

The BRIDGE CLUB Professional Network (BCPN) is a sub-organization of BRIDGE CLUB INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION (BCIO) that connects alumni members of Asian Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC). Since its establishment in 2015, BCPN has worked towards the development of Global BRIDGE Leaders from the BC network, and with the new Executive Board, BCPN aims to foster its vision of strengthening the network of professionals within the BCIO while flourishing leaderships for the future.

The new governance structure of BCPN, is based on 4 tiers with the first 3 tiers being official part of the BCPN Executive Board and the Tier 4 considered as the supporting task forces to the Executive Board.

Hence, the structure is consisting of:

Tier 1:

BCPN Chairman

BCIO Secretary to BCPN

Chief Executive Member

Tier 2:

Senior Executive Members x 3: with designated areas of Development, Communications and Projects respectively

Tier 3:

Junior Executive Members x 3 (General)

Tier 4:

BCPN Interns


BCPN STAR Project Leads

We congratulate the new Executive Board and wish them best of luck for their term. We would also like to appreciate the former team for their tireless efforts towards the growth and the betterment of the network as a whole. 

BCPN 2024-2026.png