About the BRIDGE CLUB International Organization (BCIO)

The Promise of BRIDGE CLUB International Organization

We, BCIO members, promise To achieve“Peace and Co-existence”throughout the world by promoting “Respect and Understanding” between all people and creating a bridge that joins us together We are the BRIDGE

The APCC, which has implemented its projects for 20 years since 1989 and celebrates the 10th anniversary of the creation of the BRIDGE CLUB, assessed its achievements in the past projects and sorted out the tasks it currently faces, and then unveiled its visions for the next 10 years. In these visions, a direction was hammered out that the APCC will further strengthen and promote BRIDGE CLUB activities in the next 10 years. Therefore, during the invitation period in the 20th APCC, the executive members and 29 Peace Ambassadors from 22 countries and regions met and discussed the matter, and decided on the establishment of ‘the BRIDGE CLUB International Organization (BCIO)’ with an aim to further accelerate the set up of BCs in currently non-BC countries and regions and enhance the building of networks between existing BCs.


  • (1) To improve and vitalize Bridge projects
  • (2) To bring together the capacities of each BC, and to produce concrete results toward fostering real global citizens.
  • (3) To give a foothold for former Junior Ambassadors in non-BC countries.


To support the establishment of new BCs
  • To help create BCs in countries that have no BC established
  • To plan the PA programs
To collect, maintain and release information
  • To create new websites
  • To maintain websites
  • To organize and manage information, and create materials
To support for inter-BC interaction programs
  • To support and promote thecommon activities to all BCs
  • To support and promote exchanges between BCs

Chart of Organization

Chart of Organization