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2011 Common Activity 
Everyday Ambassadors


“Everyday Ambassadors” is a social media campaign challenging people to live as Everyday Ambassadors. This campaign embraces the power of the internet, word of mouth, and photography to spread this message around the world.

An Everyday Ambassador is anyone and everyone who looks beyond the boundaries of their country / region and recognizes and appreciates the diversities of the other cultures and peoples of the world. An Everyday Ambassador also has great pride in their ethnic and national background and shares aspects of their culture with others. They keep an open mind to new ways of thinking and connect with people near and far. They are not just citizens of our own countries, but also citizens of the world.



・      To challenge people to live as Everyday Ambassadors.

・      To collect and display photographs of people all over the world sharing the Everyday Ambassador message through creative visuals.

・      To promote dialogue about the importance of global citizenship and cross-cultural friendships


EDA campaign kicked off through Face book on August 16’2011 with the motto “I’m an Everyday Ambassador

* About 700 people liked the page as of 24th June’2012.

* Among the participants, who were engaged in EDA page activities 47.5% are female, and 52.5% are male.

* Youngsters aging 18-24 years are the most frequent visitors.

* People from 51 countries visited this page.

* EDA page got maximum hit (a total of 2466) from India.

* Other most viewer countries are Philippine, Indonesia, US, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh.

* Gwalior and Indore of Madhya Pradessh, India is on top as city.


Photo Challenge

・      We have 19 ‘Photo of the week’ winners.

・      Pakistan and Taiwan won 3 times.

・      Nepal, India Hawaii won twice.

・      Other winners are from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Australia, Fiji, Korea, Philippine

・      Eric Lin from BC Taiwan is the champion in photo posting. He posted maximum number of photos in the page

・      Posted photos are categorized as Creative Genius, Fun together, Everyday Ambassador in action.


Together we can, we are the BRIDGE


* To see the photographs please visit