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2010-2011 BC's environmental actions

Given the varied prevailing and emerging environmental issues in the Asia-Pacific region which is both environment and climate sensitive, the 2010 Peace Ambassadors decided to set up BC environmental stations in individual countries for the year 2010-11. Considering that APCC ambassadors spread across the Asia-Pacific region are matured over two decades of experience, it is anticipated the ambassadors can now make bold moves and initiatives that can leave substantial impacts. Thus, it is in line with APCC objectives of children becoming ‘Global citizens’ and ensuring a safe earth for ‘Coexistence’. 

Each BC set up an environmental action station where BC members had designed proactive measures through small activities to address environmental program relevant to their country. Some BCs also liaised with governmental or NGO bodies to initiate such activities.

20 countries participated in this common activity and successfully organized following activities.

Country Activities
Atlanta Designed an alternative energy program to educate children on climate change.
Australia One Home, One Tree *
  • A project aimed to inspire, engage and enable young people to take individual action toward living sustainably.
  • By planting a tree, somewhere in the urban area, members can connect to their environment and the issue related to sustainability in cities.
Bangladesh BCBD for Green World: Seminar on Environmental Issues
  • Students were informed about the impact of climate change especially to fresh water.
  • The participants promised to take actions to save the environment, especially the fresh water bodies in their country.
Bhutan Each One Plant One:
  • Tree planting activity in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests.
Fiji Suva Point Beach Clean Up
  • Filled 8 garbage bags with plastic wastes
Hawaii Taro Patch Clean Up
  • It is with the aspect of tradition and the sad reality of endangered taro patches that Bridge Club Hawaii decided to run their contribution to prevent the adverse impacts of environmental problems.
  • Plant Sampling
  • Best Out of Waste: Activity for underprivileged children
Indonesia Biopori
  • Rare Metal Recycle Project : To promote recycling, BCJ collected 39.6Kg of small, used electronic products and donated them to SONY.
  • Mudflats Experience: A trip to the Ariake Sea gave BCJ members the opportunity to think about the problems of their local environment.
Laos Recyclable Rubbish Classification Community
Maldives Green Island: Beach clean-up of a famous tourist destination
Nepal Zoo Cleaning Campaign: `Let's achieve something drastic, let's not use plastic'.
New Zealand Tie up with One People One Planet (1P1P): 'The largest peace Banner the World has ever Known'.
Pakistan Tree Seedling Distribution and Environmental Awareness
  • Adopt a Seedling Program
  • Tree Planting Program.
Singapore Environmental Week
Sri Lanka Residential Environmental Workshop
Taiwan What did you for the Earth Today: Face group where members could express their concern about the environment and share what they did for the earth.
  • Coral Plantation Activities
  • Tours to Environmental Areas
  • Clean- up campaign
  • Tree Planting


‘BRIDGE CLUB’s environmental action toward safe and clean Earth- Setting up BC environmental action stations’ was successfully completed with huge success. Thank you everyone for your great support.