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Glob@l Interf@ce (GI)

 2012 Common Activity

Glob@l Interf@ce, better known as “GI,” was the 2012 Common Activity involving 2 countries sharing culture through technology.

Aim :  To explore & learn about the rich and diverse cultures within the APCC Family and strengthen the bond of friendship through `Respect & Understanding.’

Objectives (divided into 3 domains):


1. Provide opportunities for JAs/PAs/Non-BC Members to learn about other countries, peoples and lifestyles.

2. Deliver different perspectives on culture from local peoples.

3. Explore technology capable of bridging gaps across boarders.


 1. Enhance communication skills and build self-confidence.

2. Foster life-long friendships with other JAs/PAs/Non-BC Members.        


 1. Strengthen the BRIDGE CLUB network.



1. 170 Facebook page “likes” as of 1st July ’2013

2. People from 23 countries visited this page.

3. Among the participants, who were engaged in GI , 59.1% are female and 39.6 % are male.

4. Youngsters (18-24 years old) were the most frequent visitors.

5. Highest Facebook participation from Myanmar. 


Countries Interf@ce


Korea & Australia


Hong Kong & Nepal


Hong Kong & Tahiti


Taiwan & Sri Lanka


Taiwan & New Zealand


Singapore & Australia

National Icons

Philippines & India

National Costume

Thailand & Papua New Guinea

Musical Instruments

Indonesia & Bangladesh

Education system

Pakistan & Maldives

Musical Instruments

Thailand & Sri Lanka


Pakistan & Dalian

Wedding Culture

Pakistan & Japan

National Costumes

Thailand & Myanmar

National Costumes

Nepal & Japan


Sri Lanka & Papua New Guinea


India & Australia


Hawaii & Dalian


Maldives & Myanmar

Famous Landmarks

Tahiti & Papua New Guinea

Traditional Dances

Myanmar & Hawaii

Hobbies & Lifestyle

Japan & Russia

Traditional Music

Hawaii & Soloman Island



Countries that did all the 3 GIs are

- Maldives

- Sri Lanka

- Australia

- Myanmar

- Papua New Guinea

- Thailand

- Japan

- Pakistan

Total Number of Countries for GI ---------- 32

Countries that completed all 3 GIs -------- 8

Countries that completed 2 GIs ----------- 6

Countries that completed 1 GI ------------ 8

Countries could not participate in GIs ---- 10


Objectives were achieved through:

Objective 1 : Education

1. Learnt aspects about the other cultures through interesting and interactive presentations.

2. Experienced  new software for editing (Vegas) , video conferencing (Skype, ooVoo), etc.

3. Acquired information about  our  own culture when they did research and organized materials in preparation for the GIs.

4. Gained a realization of  the cultural similarities and differences with other countries.


Objective 2 : Personal 

1. Learned to work as a team.

2. Communicated ideas and facts in a common language (English).

3. Expressed the topics concisely  and clearly that honed presentation skills.

4. Made friends with  other BRIDGE Club Members of all ages. 


Objective 3 : Organizational 

1. Between the  participating BCs and within individual BCs, GI has helped  to strengthen the bond and collaborative capabilities of members through the various stages of GI :preparation, discussing during GI and reporting.

2. Additionally, both the older and younger members were able to contribute  to the CA.


Reasons for few BCs not participating in GI

- Internet problem

- Couldn’t match time with other BC members

- No response from partner BC members

- Few of them, couldn’t get their BC members to do the GI


We have 1 top Story Board ;  BC Myanmar and Thailand

We have 1 top Video; BC Taiwan and New Zealand

Congratulations to BC Myanmar and BC Taiwan for winning the top Story Board and top Video award.