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Report on BCIO EnviroRangers
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Humans globally, are having devastating impacts on the natural environment, including deforestation, habitat destruction, pollution and exploitation of natural resources. These impacts are leading to the loss of unique wildlife and whole ecosystems, decreased air and water quality, rising sea levels, climate change and negative health implications.

And so, this year, BCIO members aimed to make a positive impact on the environment, by showing that environmental problems are global and require a global commitment and that the BCIO network is contributing to making positive solutions.

Part 1: Video Conference

Video conferences were conducted between groups of 2-3 BRIDGE CLUBs and three points were discussed; 
a) What is special/unique about each country’s environment?

b) Some environmental problems in each country

c) Ideas for an action to help the local environment which the BCs can complete (actions can be different in each BC to suit your environmental issues)

Number of BCs competed:

Japan & Hong Kong
Myanmar, Cambodia & Nepal
Australia, Vietnam & Russia
Philippines & Taiwan
Tonga & Cook Islands


1. vietnam, russia, australia.jpg


1. Myanmar, Cambodia. Nepal.jpg

Part 2: Environmental Action

BRIDGE CLUBs completed an environmental action to show that wider community that BCIO is contributing to positive environmental change. Some actions included; cleaning up the local area (Australia, Hawaii, and Cambodia), education programs (Japan, Russia), picking up of cigarettes (Philippines) and many more (Myanmar, Atlanta).

2. Australia.jpg2. Myanmar 1.jpg2. Philippines.jpg2. Vietnam 1.jpg

Part 3: Enviro Quilt:

The aim was to create a visual representation of the positive actions we as EnviroRangers are committed to make to our environment.

BRIDGE CLUBs made a quilt which represented; 
a) The uniqueness of the country’s environment

b) Environmental issues in the country

c) Positive action completed to help the environment

d) BC/APCC mission and/or country/BC logo

17 BRIDGE CLUBs sent their completed squares to Japan and the completed quilt was sewn together and displayed at the 30th APCC. However, the quilt was not noticed by many delegates during the commemorative ceremony, so the quilt will also be displayed next year at the exchange camp for JAs, PAs, Chaperons and Japanese children who will join the event.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2018 Common Activity. We have spread the word about environmental problems and solution within and between our countries.

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