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OVERVIEWTravel Lookouts is a travel guide written by BRIDGE CLUB Members and former APCC Participants.

Objectives:To spread the unique beauty of countries around the world an strengthen the network of global citizens.


1. Each BC had to submit at least 4 articles to the Travel Lookouts Blog. One submission had to be written by the country's BC after travelling together as a group.

2. The content should include: name of location, things to see and do, budget, climate, interesting landmarks, cultural facts, transportation alternatives). 

3. The article must mention at least a short introduction of APCC, BC, BCIO and attach the link of APCC & BCIO websites.

4. Articles must be completely original, unpublished, and cannot incorporate or include anything, in whole or in part, that is owned or was created by any third parties.

5.Photographs used in article must be taken by BC members. 

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a.jpgb.jpgc.jpgd.jpge.jpgf.jpg Winners of 2016 BCIO Common Activity Contest


Congratulations to the winner BRIDGE CLUBs !!!

Thank you everyone for your hard work to make Travel 'Lookouts' so successful. 

We are the BRIDGE.