The BRIDGE CLUB (BC) began in 1998 as part of the preparations for the 10th APCC. Former Junior Ambassadors (JA) were invited back to Fukuoka as Peace Ambassadors (PA) and a worldwide network of APCC participants was established. Members of the BC then went back to their own countries and regions where many of them started their own BRIDGE CLUBs and began to hold regular meetings.

The objectives of the BRIDGE CLUB are:
  • To foster leaders with a global perspective who will shape the world in the future.
  • To build a network of "Global Citizens" free from religious, political and economic restrictions.
  • To expand this network across the world, establish a circle of friendship and work towards creating a peaceful society.

 In order to achieve these goals, the BRIDGE CLUB reaches out beyond the limits of the APCC to form a human network around the world through its local BC activities. After returning to their own countries, the Peace Ambassadors launched themselves into BC activities. Each BC has their own activities depending on local needs. For example, humanitarian assistance, cultural exchange, intercultural education and training for JAs etc... . The BC also acts as an alumni association for former participants of the APCC enabling them to keep in touch and sustain their friendships throughout the world.