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April 15, Meeting with New J.A's

Today, our meeting was held at the Seigakuin Atlanta International school from two to four. Our main objective was to prepare the JAs for Fukuoka, while putting an emphasis on the BC common activity.


photo 1.JPG

BC Members describing to the JAs what to expect at the APCC.


photo 1 (4).JPG

Helping the JAs select the song they will perform at the APCC.


During this meeting, we spoke about the schedule and organization of the APCC and our Bridge Club. We have also introduced the Common Activity to the JAs, began planning the performance the JAs will show at the APCC, and had cake in celebration of our new JAs!




photo 4.JPG

Ismail presents a trifold of his visit to Japan as a Junior Ambassador!




photo 5 (3).JPGCake (thanks to the McCoy Family) brings us an opportunity for an "Everyday Ambassador" photo, and allows us to bond more as a Bridge Club!
photo 4 (3).JPGBC and Parents
Article by: Artur Tarassenko








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