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December 7th, 2014 Meeting

Our objective for this meeting was to elect new leaders for Bridge Club Atlanta, and share ideas about activities we could do.

Members elected to Bridge Club Atlanta leadership roles for 2014-2015: 

President - Ismail Sanchez (plan, organize, and facilitate Bridge Club Atlanta meetings, social events, and service opportunities for BC members on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis; maintain communication with Bridge Club International Organization)

Vice President - Emma Rowe (assist president in duties above as needed)

Secretary - Leo Koomen (send email communications about upcoming meetings, social events, and service activities as well send out meeting reports)

Internet Squad - Alice Barbe, Sam Katz, Michael Odintsov, and Janani Suresh (update Bridge Club Atlanta webpage, blog, Facebook page, and membership contact info; recruit new Junior Ambassadors)

Special Activities Squad - Clay Eshleman will help anybody who needs help in their duties


We shared many ideas about possible activities and our goals.

We hope to see each other again soon!

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