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December 6th, 2015 Meeting

    Here was our agenda for the December 6th meeting at Nori Nori:
  • Instagram for the Atlanta Bridge Club could be postponed until a later date

  • Facebook for the Bridge Club needs to be maintained and updated on at least a bi-weekly or weekly basis. Need 1 or 2 other volunteers!

  • Common Activity is not updated. Last one was "Inspire" but the BCIO webpage has not put up a new Common Activity yet.

  • The blog that links to the BC Atlanta webpage needs to be updated and posted on! We need 2 or 3 people to help with that! We will form a schedule for who updates it every week.

  • Meeting dates need to be finalized for once every two months. We need to make a set date for every 2 months

  • COMMUNICATION (should we form a groupme for the Bridge Club, stick with email, or find another way)

  • We discussed strategies to get people more involved in the Bridge Club and also possibly talking to Yoshi, our liason officer, about having to attend a certain amount of meetings to be eligible to apply to be the Peace Ambassador

  • Maybe in the month that we do not have an actual meeting we can do a skype call to discuss some ideas.

Article by: Alice Barbe (JA 2012)

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