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August 21st, Welcome 28th APCC JAs to the Bridge Club!

Today, the purpose of our meeting was to welcome the 28th APCC JAs to the Atlanta Bridge Club, to hold new elections for our Bridge Club's leadership positions, and to brainstorm ways we can be more active in our communities, as well as internationally with other BCs.

The 28th APCC JAs (Sasha, Jamie, Cooper, and Justin, who was not able to come) told us about their wonderful experiences in Japan. Emma Rowe (PA 2016) told us about her experience as a Peace Ambassador this year, and then we divided up into groups to discuss some activities we could do as a Bridge Club. We plan on working to increase the number of applicants for Junior Ambassador next year, volunteering in the community to raise awareness about the APCC and its mission, participating in the Common Activity, and regularly posting on the BC webpage and on social media. We've also created a groupme chat for our BC to make keep in touch and coordinating with each other more easy.

Our election results are as follows:

President - Leo Koomen (plan, organize, and facilitate Bridge Club Atlanta meetings, social events, and service opportunities for BC members on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis; maintain communication with Bridge Club International Organization)

Vice President - Ismail Sanchez (assist president in duties above as needed)

Secretary - Clay Eshleman (send email communications about upcoming meetings, social events, and service activities, keeps meeting minutes)

Historian - Alice Barbe & Julia Wolfenden (update BC webpage, Facebook page, and other social media profiles, communicate with the community)

We're going to work hard to be more engaged and to participate more as a Bridge Club members!



Article by: Alice Barbe


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