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1st BC Meeting after APCC, at the Atlanta Zoo

On Sunday, July 29th, we held our first BC meeting after the 30th APCC. We volunteered at a booth our Liaison Office, the Japan-American Society of Georgia, had set up at the Atlanta Zoo for the weekend. Turnout was great, and everybody had fun.

We discussed some of the activities we'll be doing this year in partnership with other BCs around the world; Alice, our president, announced the BCPN internship activity and the changers to the APCC and BCIO organizational structures; and we discussed ways to broaden the reach of our BC in our local community.


From left to right, back row: Ryan Rodgers (JA 2018), Haven Vail (JA 2018), Peyton Davies (JA 2017, BC Historian), Sam Katz (JA 2012), Alice Barbe (JA 2012, BC President), Janani Suresh (JA 2012, BC Vice President)
From left to right, front row: Will Owen (JA 2017, BC Historian), Leo Koomen (JA 2010, PA 2017)


-- Alice Barbe

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