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3rd BC Presidents Meeting

Alice, the BRIDGE CLUB Atlanta President, attended the 3rd BC President in Fukuoka Japan, this week. 
Here's a message from her: Greetings in Fukuoka, Japan! I'm here in Japan for a week representing Atlanta, GA (and continental US) as the president of BRIDGE CLUB
Atlanta. We've spent the last few days learning about strategies to make our BCs stronger and better, and
bouncing ideas off each other for new ways we can collaborate between Bridge Clubs internationally --
meeting all these other BC Presidents is an inspiration. We're all facing the same problems, and we're
making plans to work more closely together in the future. BC Atlanta has a mainly young members, as do BC Japan and BC Pakistan, so I've been talking a lot to the
BC presidents of Japan, Momoka, and of Pakistan, Moiz, (among many others!) to help our returning JAs
do activities together and keep the social links they form during Marine Camp. f1531807436128_resized_20180717_030432737.jpg
Barbecue cookout with Vy (BC Laos) Dasha (BC Russia), Momoka (BC Japan), and Napat (BC Thailand)
All the BC Presidents
It's really eye-opening to meet people from so many different countries (35 in total), and discuss our issues
and share our cultures. I'm very appreciative of the opportunities that APCC gives us! I cannot wait to come back to the APCC in the future. WE ARE THE BRIDGE!

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