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Interview of BC Professional Member

On December 5th, 2018, the Atlanta Bridge Club conducted its interview of a professional member within the BC: Leo Koomen, JA 2010 and PA 2017. Because of members' busy schedules, we asked them to send us videos of themselves asking Leo questions about his experience as a PA, the BCPN, and the impact of the APCC on his professional career and beyond. As an introduction to this activity, Leo wrote:

Currently I am on a mission to start my own professional work creating a mobile application that works to incentivize curiosity by rewarding exploration. It excites me that I am connected to a network of global thinkers who can help add perspective to my pursuits. In the year that I've been working on developing content to release, I've already gotten the help of many former PAs and JAs to give insight on how digital platforms work in their regions. Conversations like these wouldn't be possible without a network like the APCC.

The final video compilation of Leo's answers to our BC members' questions can be found here: 

It was a very informative experience for all of us, and we look forward to future BCPN activities. Many thanks to our BC members for delivering on this project on a short notice.

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