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Taiwan Snack Exchange - Pre-Activity Skype Call

In 2019, the Atlanta BRIDGE CLUB and Taiwan BRIDGE CLUB collaborated on the largest inter-BC activity we have organized to date! To promote OMOIYARI spirit and cultural curiosity between members, we created a semester-long exchange program, where the Atlanta and Taiwan BCs would share traditional snacks of their respective countries with each other, and each BC would record a reaction video of its members trying out the snacks and share it with the other BC.

Aping Huang, President of Taiwan BC, mailed a package of snacks to the Atlanta BC in February. In preparation for the activity, we held an Inter-BC Skype call on February 16th where members of the Taiwan BC explained to us the snacks that they had sent. Lots of watering mouths!

BC Taiwan posted the video of the meeting on their facebook page:


WhatsApp Image 2019-07-08 at 04.52.32.jpeg


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