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Shibori workshop and BC meeting


On October 26, Bridge Club Atlanta met at the JASG offices for a fun shibori workshop and general meeting. Shibori is a japanese cotton-dying method, and none of us had tried it before.

Before the workshop and as the water was heating for the dying, we had our BC meeting. We began with a short discussion on the recently finished BVSC. We then discussed future events where we will sell merchandise (tote bags and key chains) for the smille support project, went through the BC Atlanta events calendar, and discussed our availabilities for these events. Availability and member engagement are two things BC Atlanta is working on. After our meeting, our Shibori teacher presented a slideshow on shibori to the group, and then we went outside to dye. 

The Shibori method involves a lot of folding, and most of us ended up dying two cotton items (both looked different). We bonded over Japanese snacks and had lots of fun trying out the dying procedure that was different to American tie-dye. BC Atlanta is looking forward to the next events on our calendar: merchandise-selling and a holiday party.

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