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BCA JA selection day

On the 3rd of March BCA had its first in person selection day since Covid and what a great day it was! For some of the leaders in BCA it was our first time meeting as we had only spoken online. We were so excited to meet and finally get to know each other better. 

We had time to set up our tables of activities and just in time as the parents and the children started to arrive. Chloe and Chanel helped them with their name tags and bags. Whilst waiting the children and parents were able to take a trip down memory lane as Heather had set up some of the past APCC magazines. Chloe, Chanel and Maya also had a bit of a look to see if they could find their JA years a magazine. 

Once everyone had arrived we sat down as Heather started to introduce the team and what the day would look like. Everyone said goodbye to their parents and families and the JA selection day had begun! We started off with some getting to know you actives , the children were put in pairs and then had to introduce eachother. Once everyone had finished more activities begun while Trisha and Chanel started the interviews. It was so great asking the children some questions, getting to find out more about them and watching them interact with each other. We had a quick break for lunch then the actives continued. 

At the end of the day the parents and families returned, we had a brief question and answer session before it was time for everyone to say goodbye.

Thank you to all that came amd participated in the selection day.

Selection day 1.jpeg


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