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Vision of Harmony in Bangladesh

Vision of Harmony took place in four different places in Bangladesh.In March 4,Thursday ,11.00am-3.00pm at  Stamford University, March 5, Friday, 3.00pm- 6.00pm at  Bangladesh Shishu Academy, March 6, Saturday,10.00 am – 2.00 pm at Aporajeyo Bangladesh and  March 7, Sunday, 9.00 am – 1.00 pm at Magnolia International School.About 1000 people visited the exhibition,and we got very positive respons from them.Specially teachers and students of Magnolia International School promised any further cooperation to BCBD.Here I want to share some lovely feedback comments from some of the students of Magnolia School.

Sarah Chowdhury (Student of Standard-Two): The exhibition was wonderful. I loved all the pictures and the organizers. We had a lot of fun.

Tashfia Jahan (Punno) (Student of Standard-Two): I liked the photographs of cultural activities. Our photo session was a big fun.

Fahmida Faiza (student of Standard-One): I learnt that there is a country named Mongolia which is similar to Magnolia.

Tanzim Rahman Sabib (student of Standard-One): I saw a man jumping from the top of a building. It was interesting to me.

Progga Protap Gosh (student of Standard-One): I loved the pictures of Nepal. I want to go there.

Nazifa Tasnim Pushpo (student of Standard-One): Only three pictures of a country was not enough.

Rubayad Ferdous (student of Standard-One): It was fun. I loved it.

Tasnia Tyeba (student of Standard-One): The picture of the waterfall was very interesting to me. I wish I go there.

Jowharah Abdul Rahim (student of KG-II): I loved the temple in Singapore. I like the golden statue of Buddha.




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