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12th Anniversary of BCBD

12 August was BCBD's 12th anniversary.It was the first day of Ramadan. So,we had a iftar party on that occasion.Number of participant was 42.
Our JAs 2010 became BCBD members formally this day.They shared their experience in the 22nd APCC with us.They also shared their photos.

We had a video conference with salman.he joined us online during cutting the BCBD birthday cake :D.

Two members from Rotary club Narayanganj joined our party.we are going to have some voluntary project jointly with this rotary club.

Here is the news link in one of the national daily(though in Bangla) about BCBD 12th Anniversary.

View imageBCBD 12th anniversary2.jpgBCBD 12th anniversary3.jpg

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