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BCBD Activities report 2019

-Meeting with new LO Director on 4th Jan 2017

-Travel look out's article on 14th March 2017

-Monthy meeting on 6th May 2017

-Meeting and dinner with Mr. Iwamoto on 23rd May 2017

-Annual General Meeting on 2nd June 2017

-Working as a partner organisation in National children's award 2017

-BCBD's 19th birthday celebration on 25th August 2017

-VIDEO CONFERENCE with other BCs on 9th November 2017 (COMMON ACTIVITY-1)

-Monthly Meeting on January, February and March2018

-Common activity (cloth painting) on 7th April 2018 (COMMONACTIVITY-2)

-Meeting with our newJAs on 28th May 2018

-Ifter party on 22nd June 2018

-Cultural program with the liaison office on 5th July 2018

-Bridge Club day celebration on 10th July 2018


-Monthly meeting rest of the year

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