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A humble but significant start...

IMG_4010.JPGThere are many children living with their parents in the patients’ guest house of the National Referral Hospital of Bhutan. Some of them have been admitted while others are attending their sick parents and relatives in the guest house.

Once, when one of our club members visited the guest house and interacted with children  there, it was found that the children have limited activities to save them from their boredom. They spend most of the time watching TV and playing. Our club member then asked if they are interested in reading books. The response was prompt and positive.

This is how BC Bhutan initiated the activity of establishing an adequately filled library for those children at the guest house. And moving towards this goal, the first step was taken with the presentation of books to the guest house.

The books were handed over to the guest house by some of our club members and the laision officer on 28th January. And since our club expects the library to serve the needs of the children, the books are mostly books meant for children apart from few magazines. The books were collected and contributed by our club members and by Adam (PA 2010, Singapore) and BC Singapore.

We did regret that the quantity was not much this time but we believe that what counts more is the willingness to do. The initiative was small but significant. And the smiles that those kids wore then, will for sure drive BC Bhutan to walk the extra mile.

We would like to thank Adam and BC Singapore for their generous help. Along with this, we would be grateful if other interested BCs could also make their book contributions if they have any. BC Bhutan, meanwhile will strive towards collecting as much books as possible in filling up the shelves for those children.  


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