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Bhutanese JAs prepare for APCC

Bhutanese Junior ambassadors were trained and briefed on APCC by the Liasion Office and Bridge Club Bhutanb. The Director General of the Department of Youth and Sports under Ministry of Education, under which the APCC Liaison Office is housed led the breifing. The Director General urged the junior ambassadors to act as authentic ambassadors and learn from APCC. He stressed the importance of Japanese value-based society and urged the delegation to take advantage of the camp to interact and inculculate these values. 

The JAs were also breifed on APCC experiences by the former partcipants and Liasion Office and how they will continue to grow as APCC ambassadors in future to create peace, harmony and coexistence in the world. 

The JAs, PA and Chaperon leave the country today with loads of exitement and expectations.

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