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Logo Competition

At 4th september 2011, members of BCC met at a The Royal University of Fine Arts, the oldest university, in purpose of improving our Cambodia BC. As Cambodia is the new member of the BC, We haven't had logo for our BC Cambodia yet. That's why, the leady of BCC informed all the members to think and come up with ideas and concepts of our logo. Then, we made a Logo competion amount our members, the best logo will be used as our Bridge Club Cambodia. While we were in the progress, all the member tried to create and use the imagination to create logos. All the logo has their own specialization. That's why, we need to make some comparation and consideration about the logos.

Logo Compet.JPGLogo Competition.JPG



After we've done our logos competition, we went around the university, to see the creation of the student at that school. Some of our members said, when he grow up he would like to study there because this school is so attractive,esp the art creation, design and architecture. After all everyone observed and gained some knowledge about art.



Visit Art University.JPG


Reported by You Bonny Molika

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