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Helping Hurricanes Evans Victim

At the ending of last year that is in December a strong hurricane struck Fiji (Hurricane Evans). As the Hurricane struck the country plenty houses were damaged, and even some victims tend to lose their house.

The President of the BRIDGE CLUB Fiji contacted me as I recently joined the Club, informing me that we should at least help these needy people and also the homeless ones. We gave in ideas as how we are going help these people, and we came up to a conclusion that we should donate clothes to these needy ones.

The President, myself (two members of the BC) and also with three volunteers went out to the needy people to donate clothes.  We really love to help the needy and those whose houses were damaged in the Hurricane Evans. We really enjoyed ourselves as we practiced to be kind to others, love one another and the utmost help to the needy.

The victims really loved the donation given to them as they have lost everything during the hurricane.  The victims were very pleased to see the donation that they received because they never imagined that we were able to give them what they are in need for. I really loved and enjoyed the activities and are looking forward for more activities in future.


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