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The Saint Christopher’s Home in Nakasi, Suva is a charity organization that looks after orphaned kids from all over Fiji. These kids, usually girls are under the care of the catholic sisters. At present, there are 32 kids between the ages of 5 months to 15 years.

As part of our holiday activities, BCF decided to visit these kids to celebrate the festive season with them. We took with us gifts for each chikld and refreshments.

The visit brought out a lot of emotions in us as we saw the smiling faces of the kids who greeted us with much joy; their appreciation of the gifts and refreshments that we had for them. We are lucky to have families and all the luxuries of life but these kids who have so little taught us the true meaning of happiness.

A very big thank you to my amazing club members who sacrificed their Saturday to be there in numbers and especially to those families who contributed in buying presents for the kids and to those who travelled from outside of Suva.

It was prohibited to post photos of the children so we just have photos of BCF members along with the sisters of the home.

It was very pleasing to note that our event was covered by two major media in Fiji. We appeared twice in The Fiji Times and once on the Fiji One News.

The members who participated in this activity are as follows:

 1. Shabneez Shazmine

 2. Alfred Taylor

 3. Pranav Kumar

4. Rayna Chetty

5. Litiana Taviraki

6. Shruti Parmar

7. Sitiveni Nakurua


 Lack of corporation – out of the 222 BCF members, only 7 showed up for this activity.


1. Keep encouraging members to join for the activities.

2. Use social media to create publicity for the club and activities being conducted. Most members will show interest once they actually see the club getting active.

3. Encourage members to be on time so that activities go as planned.





This activity was very successful as we managed to achieve our aim of putting a smile on these kids faces. Even though turnout was not as expected, the activity overall was a huge success.

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