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Bridge Club Hawaii Hikes Maunawili Trail, by David Nakanishi

Bridge Club Hawaii Hikes Maunawili Trail, by David Nakanishi

On October 9, 2011, the Bridge Club Hawai’i took a special trip to Kailua to go up the Maunawilli trail. It was a great opportunity for the members to bond and to just have a good time.  This event was the very first activity with the new executive board of 2011.
The trip was about three miles long and took about two and a half hours. Members who had brought their cameras took many pictures portraying the fun that the Bridge Club experienced on the hike. Although the sun was hot, everybody had fun enjoying the cool, fresh air. As we climbed up the trail, some of the members were able to lend a helping hand to some of the tourists, who also happened to be on the trail. In addition to giving these tourists water and bug spray, members also got the chance to have short conversations about how the hike was going.
By the time the group reached the waterfall at the end of the hike, we were all a little tired.  It was a great chance for all of the members to see other people jumping off from the giant falls.  In addition, a few bridge club members managed to make a human EA (for Everyday Ambassadors), which made it onto the Everyday Ambassadors Facebook page as the “Everyday Ambassador Photo of the Week“.
After the short break at the top of the trail, the Bridge Club headed back, picking up trash along the way. Before we knew it, we had reached the bottom of the trail.  Everyone had a good time, but the fun didn’t end there.  All of us then went down to Maunawili park to clean ourselves off, and to enjoy a meal together.  Everybody really enjoyed the event and it was a great chance for the club members, old and new, to just hang out and relax.

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