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BCH and JASH celebrated 30th APCC and 10th BCH anniversary

In spirit of the APCC’s 30th and BCH’s 10th anniversary, the Japan-America Society of Hawaii (LO) and BCH held a celebration event on August 12th. Along with celebrating both milestones, the event provided an opportunity to reconnect with old friends. Former JAs, parents, chaperones, and BCH members were able to spend the day catching up with each other. A few special guests also attended our party to help us celebrate. Those people included JASH President Reyna Kaneko, former JASH Educational Program Coordinator Elizabeth Stanton Barrera, JASH Board Chairman Sal Miwa, JASH Board Member Hiroyasu Nakamura, and Consul General Koichi Ito and Misako Ito.

Aside from chatting, there were various activities for people to enjoy. We had games such as name bingo and jan ken po train to get everyone on their feet; polaroid cameras to capture picture perfect moments; and a wood block ‘memory’ tower for people to draw their favorite APCC memory. Event attendees also listened to live music by local musician Shoji Ledward. With games, photos, music, and food, the day was filled with laughter and cheer.

Although the event was held in Hawaiʻi, that didn’t stop APCC and BCIO friends from making an appearance. Video messages came from Iwamoto-san, Erin, and BC Myanmar to congratulate BCH. Everyone was happy to see that people from around the world were thinking of us. They especially enjoyed the 2018 Myanmar JAs message to the Hawaii JAs. It was a heartwarming example of the international friendships made through the APCC.

Overall, the anniversary celebration was a day of food, fun, and friends. On August 12th, we celebrated more than just 10 or 30 years of existence. We celebrated the thousands of friendships that were made through the APCC and BRIDGE CLUB. We certainly are the bridge that connects our countries, regardless of the distance that separates us. As we move into the next 10 years (and beyond), let us continue to create lifelong friendships and spread the OMOIYARI spirit.

More photos are on BRIDGE CLUB HAWAII facebook page

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