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BCH volunteers at JASH 2018 Annual Dinner and Silent Auction

On October 23rd at the Sheraton Waikiki, JASH (BCH’s LO) held their 2018 Annual Dinner and Silent Auction. BCH members assisted JASH with operating the silent auction. Although the event became increasingly hectic as the night went on, everyone was full of high spirits. Many BCH members were able to ‘talk story’ (‘chat’ in Hawaiʻi’s slang, pidgin) and share a laugh with friends and parents. Others formed new friendships with members they haven’t met.

During the event, JASH recognized students in their various educational programs and former APCC participants. A video of the educational programs was shown, which included interviews of former Hawaii JAs. The JAs spoke about the unique experiences they had in Fukuoka and how participating in the APCC influenced their lives.

Though BCH went to volunteer it hardly seemed like we were working. Everyone was having such a good time; the constant hustle of the silent auction was barely noticeable. The fun may have ended seemingly ended too soon, but the photos we took will keep those memories alive and well!

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