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Bridge Club India Activity

Satwik Gupta, JA 2013 conducted another Bridge Club activity on 7 May, 2018 in Gwalior. The motive of the activity was to tie up with a local authority known as" Ashraya Bhavan" and provide good food to the needy. Ashraya Bhavan is an integral part of the JA College Campus, Gwalior which has been doing the act of human service of satisfying hunger of needy and poor people almost every night since the past five years. It does this occasionally on its own and sometimes by tying up with institutions, business firms, schools and individuals in which the people of Gwalior willingly participate and contribute. Satwik thought that he and BRIGDE CLUB INDIA should also be a part of this noble deed. He conducted this activity with the help of his father, Rakesh K. Gupta and one of his cousin brother, Shyam Gupta. Ashraya Bhavan,Satwik Gupta and his father successfully conducted the dinner of a total of about 100 needy people. The activity was successfully finished in 1 hour and 30 minutes.












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