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BC India organizes "National Level Budding Maths Teacher Contest"

Unnati Rathi,(JA2016)Central Zone Coordinator (Bridge Club India) has successfully organised an amazing contest for children, sponsored by Rathi's Education Hub on the occasion of Teacher's Day under the banner of Bridge Club India " NATIONAL LEVEL BUDDING MATHS TEACHER CONTEST" Unique contest for children where every child will had an opportunity to be their Dream Teacher. Children had to teach Mathematics in a creative way! This event was graced by 68 participants from all over the country. Attractive trophies were provided to winners of each age group. Results are as follows: Prizes based on maximum views. Group Bhaskaracharya - Vansh Budhlani Group Aryabhata - Devashree Shahakar Group Ramanujan - Vaidehi Vidhale Prizes as declared by the Judges: Group Bhaskaracharya - Reyansh Gilda Group Aryabhata - Nishka Bansal Group Ramanujan - Avanti Kandalkar Unnati Maths Teacher Activity.jpeg

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