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BCIN organised immunity building Yoga and Nutrition workshop

BCIN successfully completed Yoga , Peace and You - A 2 day Workshop on Nutrition and Yoga. On the first day, Ms Rubina Karki acquainted us with many ways to strengthen our immunity with Nutrition. The most important aspect she stressed upon is to keep our food sources natural as much as possible and not processed or packaged food. She also answered all the questions from our members! The 2nd day also got an enthusiastic response! A live Yoga session from an expert trainer is what was needed on the occasion of International Yoga Day! The participants learnt many ways to keep themselves fit with the help of Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. We also got to know that Yoga can also be a very intensive form of workout, helping to keep the body, mind and soul healthy. Following members of BCIN were present- 1. Neemay Thakker JA 2019 2. Ritu bhatia, JA 1989,PA 2017 3. Rishika Sethiya, JA 2019 4. Ameya Chandak, JA 2007, PA 2019, HOM 2021 5 jayveer rachh chaperone 1993 attended yoga workshop only as I had attended earlier 6. Unnati Rathi, JA 2016 7. Jaanvi Gandhi, JA 2016 8. Nethrra, JA 2020 9. Nishka, JA 2019 10. Karma Doma paljor JA 1989 11. Suraji G JA 2009 And PA 2021 12. Devansh Mehta JA 2015 13.Aman Paul Singh JA1989,PA2015,BCWG Coordinator 14.Karma Doma paljor JA 1989 YOGA PEACE and YOU 1.jpeg YOGA PEACE AND YOU 2.jpeg

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