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Two children from India attend the KidZania Online Experience Tour

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, "The World is One Family," could be seen in the 'Kids Online Global Meet' organized by Asian Pacific Children's Convention (APCC in Fukuoka, Japan) on March 26, Saturday, 2022. The children from 18 countries participated in the meet. Yoza Saleem and Ria Parikh participated from India. Yoza Saleem(Volunteer, BC India) said,"I was lucky to be a part of it. The friendly and charismatic atmosphere expressed by all the participants delighted me. The children from all around the world - countries I have never heard of - presented their snacks and their future dreamwork to everyone. I am from India showed my favourite snack Samosa. The host made the participants share the things they do before eating food. I was also told to share what Indians do before having food. I loved the view of different mouth-licking snack items across the world. It would have been better if it were an offline event; I would have tickled my taste buds with some snacks. The view of those was highly tempting.

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-26 at 13.58.09.jpeg The polls asked during the meet were equally engaging. I have twice been to Kidzania in New Delhi, but the online tour to Kidzania in Japan was equally pleasing. I loved how Japanese kids took us on the virtual tour of Kidzania. Later, we all shared the image of our future dream job. I shared the beautiful picture as an astronaut, my future dream work. Some of the kids shared a little about it too. When the host declared the end of the programme, my heart missed a beat as I wished it not to end. I got an excellent opportunity to know that kids are the same within and beyond borders. I thank APCC for giving me a chance to participate in this beautiful and enlightening event." WhatsApp Image 2022-03-26 at 13.58.08.jpeg Ria Parikh said,"I had lots of fun. The meeting started with everyone introducing themselves. I saw people from various countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, etc. It was amazing to see and hear people from other countries. The host started by asking each person about our favourite snacks and what we dreamed to become when we grew up. When my turn came I showed everyone my drawing and told everyone that I wanted to become a Youtuber when I grow up. I also told everyone that I already have a youtube channel by the name 'Ria Rocks' and asked everyone to subscribe to my channel. A lot of other kids also said they wanted to be a Youtuber. During snacks time we all ate our favourite food. I had bingo chips and dosa. I saw others eating chips, noodles, pancakes, etc. I really loved and enjoyed my time here. I would love to participate in more meets like this and maybe even meet all of them face to face."

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