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BCIN Organizes Blood Donation Camp

BC India organises blood donation camp Dr Aksshaya Rajanbabu MBBS (JA 2009) working in SRM Multicare hospital, Tiruvannamalai as a duty medical officer. She organised Blood donation camp on 14th of June on behalf of world blood donor day. With support of her hospital she arranged a camp and JCI Tiruvannamalai Deepam team collaborated and gave promotions via social media. This was inaugurated by Er. Anbarasu, Managing director of Hotel Amoha. He also started this camp by donating first. Almost 17 participants volunteered and gave blood on behalf of world blood donor day. These bloods were given to Govt Tiruvannamalai Medical college and Hospital. For the voluntary service, Everyone donated was given a certificate. We sincerely thank SRM hospital for providing space. We also like to thank JCI Tiruvannamalai Deepam for posters and promotions. As an end note, blood is circulated in our body and blood needs to be circulated. Blood Donation Camp.jpeg

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