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BCIN Organized Salud Amigos

"Salud Amigos!" A vibrant Wes Farewell marked the shift from the Old Executive to the new. Ms. Nishant Gupta, backed by Areif Adinoto and M Moiz Qazi from BCIO management, exuded unity. Virtual messages weaved emotion, while the BCIN quiz ignited camaraderie. President 2020-2023, Mr. Ameya Chandak, painted his journey with gratitude. Ms. Nishant Gupta and Ms. Suraji G now lead 2023-2025, a surprise video echoing Ameya's legacy. The new team emerged, introduced by the Presidents. Ms. Suraji G's Vote of Thanks closed the event. A snapshot and "We are the Bridge" united all, etching unity in hearts.  Salud Amigos.jpg

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