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BCIN Organizes Menstrual Hygiene Class

Bridge Club India (BCIN) and the Rotary Club of Pearls partnered to deliver a Menstrual Hygiene Class at the Government Municipal Girls High School in Tiruvannamalai. This educational event catered to 1,000 girls aged 11 to 17. The session covered critical topics such as menstrual pain management, proper menstrual hygiene practices, and the safe disposal of sanitary napkins. An interactive Q&A session followed, allowing the students to seek clarification on any doubts was done by Dr Aksshaya Rajanbabu, JA 2009 This collaborative effort aimed to empower these young girls with essential knowledge, promoting their overall well-being and confidence in handling an important aspect of their lives. BCIN organizes Menstrual Hygiene Class.png

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