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Mission Project 2011 Indonesia, Our Second Mission Project

Indonesia has just hosted the Mission Project for the second time. We were so happy because we were chosen as one of the host country again and we worked so hard so this Mission Project will be a great experience for the delegations that are coming to Indonesia.

We welcomed 15 Japanese delegations which are Chihiro Naganuma, Goro Kusaba, Koyori Yamada, Himawari Sato, Asami Fujita, Nao Sumida, Riroto Furukawa, Tsukika Sudo, Arihito Masuda, Ryutaro Yamaguchi, Koki Hatakeyama, Yutaro Kurokami, Jurika Irie, Chika Mori, and Momoka Fujita. 13 of them are elementary school students, 1 of them is a junior high school student, and the other one is a senior high school student. They were accompanied by Akane Tanaka as the delegation leader, Maaya Matsumoto and Hikari Koga as the sub leaders, and Hitomi Nakashima as the journalist.

The delegations arrived at Soekarno Hatta International Airport on March 27 in the afternoon and went directly to the hotel take a rest before starting the first activity in the next day. Their first activity was visiting the Pangerasan Education Centre in Bogor, West Java then continued by meeting the host families in the evening. Tuesday March 29 was a full day with host family activity so each delegation had different activities with their host family. The next two days were spent in Bandung. They visited the cultivation of the silkworm and went sightseeing. For the last day, they visited the Ministry of National Education and the Japan Embassy before they went back to Fukuoka, Japan. And yesterday morning around 10:30 we heard that the delegations arrived back at Fukuoka safely.

We really had a great time with the delegations we won’t forget, we felt really happy having them visited Indonesia, but we wish we have more time to spend with them. We hope we can meet the delegations again in the near future.

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