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BCI First Meeting After 25th APCC

On July 30, 2013 BC Indonesia established its first meeting after 25th APCC. Several active members were attending, some joined the meeting through teleconferences. There were several important issues discussed on that day:

1. About Common Activity 2013, Peace by Piece. Sidik Permana, JA 1999 was selected as the leading coordinator for this event.

2. About BCI's new organizational structure. During the meeting, members were inquired about which posts they might be interested in. Other members who couldn't join the meeting were also welcomed to apply for any post available. The official structure announcement will be held on September 2013.

3. About suitable event to celebrate BCI 15th anniversary. Some ideas were gathered. Future discussions would follow.

4. About BCI fund-raising plan for the upcoming year.

5. About Global Bridge Leaders and Global Bridge Partnership. This information mainly addressed for BCI members who couldn't join 25th APCC event directly in Fukuoka.

Displayed below is the picture taken during that meeting:

977989_10152076606072506_2028328934_o.jpgThis meeting was the first step for BCI towards better structure and management in the future. Wish us the very best in our journey and WE ARE THE BRIDGE!!!  


Report by. Titisari Kusumawardhani (JA 1999/PA 2013)

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